June 27, 2022

The Future of Video in Recruitment with Josh Symons

The Future of Video in Recruitment with Josh Symons

Over the past few years, we have become accustomed to having video calls, but are we dragging our heels in using video in the recruitment process?

Joining me this week is Josh Symons, Head of Customer Success at Hinterview.

We discuss, the good and the bad of video in recruitment and the future of video in the recruitment process.


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Josh SymonsProfile Photo

Josh Symons

Executive Director

I worked in Life Sciences Recruitment for 8 years prior to joining Hinterview, from a consultant to starting a business.

I joined Hinterview as I love the recruitment industry and saw video as an exciting evolution of the way we present ourselves and our candidates.

I'm an avid food fan and spend most of my free time trying to find great restaurants around London.