Jan. 24, 2022

How to reinvent your recruitment business with Marcus Davies Bateman

How to reinvent your recruitment business with Marcus Davies Bateman

Growing your recruitment business is never easier, but doing it during a pandemic and fundamentally changing the culture at the same time is even harder.

This week's guest is Marcus Davies Bateman, UK MD at Cobalt recruitment

Marcus talks us through the challenges of growing Cobalt over the past few years, how important it's to have the right team around you and the importance of an inclusive company culture.


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Marcus Davies Bateman

Managing Director

I have 16 years in recruitment and am currently Managing Director for Cobalt where I oversee a team of 50 recruiters who specialise in real estate, construction and financial services.

I started my career with Cobalt as a Junior Consultant working on a Temp desk in London, before relocating to Singapore to set-up our Asia business which I ran for 9 years.

In 2020 I returned to London as UK Managing Director.

Before my career in recruitment, I spent 3 years as a Police Officer in Dorset, professionally trained in police interview techniques - quite different from candidate interviews!

Passionate about recruitment, rugby and golf.