Dec. 19, 2022

Data driven marketing with Shazamme

Data driven marketing with Shazamme

How to get the most from your new website is always a discussion point. Whether its SEO, advertising or content to drive ROI. But should we first take a step back and ask what the data is telling us?

Joining me this week are Rick and Nicole the founders of Shazamme.

Rick and Nicole discuss how recruiters should be making data-driven decisions and how much money is wasted on marketing that doesn’t work.


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Nicole Clarke


I have a passion for helping recruitment agencies and talent teams be more successful using their digital brand. After many years working in recruitment website technology, travelling the globe listening to the challenges of recruitment agencies and Talent teams of all sizes. It was clear we needed to reimagine recruitment websites so they were easier to use, edit, integrate and provided 5 star customer service.

I'm so excited as my dream has become reality and with hundreds of clients now using Shazamme across the world, we have achieved this and much more.

Don't be a stranger, there are so many opportunities to make your recruitment brand more successful online and I would love to help.